Touch And Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 1979​-​1983

by Touch And Go Magazine

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Before Touch And Go was one of the most significant independent music companies in history, it was a fanzine, created in Lansing, Michigan by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson ("DS"). This podcast is the aural story of that fanzine and serves to highlight the publication of 'Touch And Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 1979-1983', an anthology of the entire 22 issue run of the fanzine complete with new essays and commentary from the likes of Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris, Henry Rollins, and of course Tesco Vee himself. The book is to be released by Bazillion Points Publishing in June, 2010.


released April 15, 2010


Tesco Vee and Steve Miller discuss...the reasons behind the release of "Touch And Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 1979-1983" punk came to a small Midwestern city like Lansing, Michigan...Tesco's obsession with 999 and his decision to create the "Touch And Go" precursor "999 Times"...what went into creating a fanzine like "Touch And Go"... the influence of late 70s West Coast punk on "Touch N' Go"...the decision to expand "Touch And Go" to a record label, starting with releases by The Necros and The Fix...the rise of a real hardcore band in Detroit in Negative Approach

Featured music:

Negative Approach - Nothing (title sequence)

999 - Boiler

Avengers - We Are The One

The Fix - Vengeance

Negative Approach - Dead Stop


Tesco Vee and Steve Miller discuss...Tesco's wild trip to see Fear perform on 'Saturday Night Live'...the connection between Tesco and The Necros...Black Flag's first visit to Lansing...the embracing of the Misfits by the Midwest...the genesis of The Meatmen...Touch And Go meets DC and Ian MacKaye and Tesco's decision to decamp for the nation's capital..."Touch And Go" winds down and the influence of the fanzine on the next generation of independent music media.

Featured music:

The Necros - Conquest For Death

Black Flag - Six Pack

Misfits - Bullet

The Meatmen - I've Got A Problem

Minor Threat - Filler

The Fix - No Idols (end sequence)

Podcast by BAD DATA

Graphics by Tom Deja

Special thanks to Eric Hoegemeyer for engineering this podcast at Rustbelt Studios


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